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How do I edit a booking?

You can edit a booking by logging in and accessing your personal space under ''My cleanings''. From the ''Upcoming Cleanings'' section, you can click on ''More'' then in the dropdown list ''Edit booking''. Follow the instructions to request your changes.

If you wish to cancel your reservation because you are going on holiday, you must do so at least 48 hours before the cleaning is set to take place to avoid cancellation fees.

Be aware that a change of schedule can make you lose your Batmaid temporarily. If available your preferred Batmaid will be automatically allocated by the algorithm by default. Your Batmaid might have some other cleanings during the other time slot. By default, your contract will always select the same person.

If you are unable to edit your cleanings, please call us on 021 624 54 15 or send us an e-mail to!